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Welcome to the keepers homepage.

Eventually there will be images and such, for  now you'll just have to imagine,

but take my word we look pretty god damn cool.




Who the fuck are the Keepers?


The Keepers are a band from Tucson AZ.  Band members are as follows...


Rory Bellows-vocals, guitar

Rory Bellows was born in Waco Texas. When he was 14 his family

moved to Kingman Arizona where he learned to play guitar and

cultivated his hard-core conservative right wing nationalism.

Rory Bellows is a true American.


Von Dittmar-vocals, guitar

Von hails from the black forest region of Germany. He grew up

in the shadow of Germany's largest cuckoo clock factory, and

helped his father breed champion Weimaraners.

blackf.jpg (42827 bytes)

The house von dittmar grew up in



Pawnee's actual origin is unclear. Legend has it that she descended

from the Santa Rita mountains during monsoon season in 1843. Some

say that she represents the wrath of angry storm gods, but details are

sketchy at best. She is an enigma.


David Scott-Drums

David Scott was raised in Ottawa. He is a die-hard Ottawa Senators

fan, whose hobbies include cross dressing and maintaining his

homepage which also serves as the keepers14 link page.





SAT NOV 21ST-RHINO PUB. 1112 E. Sixth St. 903-9039

WED DEC 16TH-7 BLACK CATS. 260 E. Congress St. 670-9202




Real audio victrola

Click on the selection to listen. bookmark his page and check back.

I will add new songs as often as I can so check back,

The sound quality on the victrola is less than great

but that's what happens when you compress wav files. If you have any tips on

improving real audio quality and are feeling helpful please EMAIL me.



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Pick a record:

Record.jpg (742 bytes) Winard circle

Record.jpg (742 bytes) SHUANA

Record.jpg (742 bytes) Yo Vendi Al contado


You need a real audioplayer to listen to the victrola

if you don't have one

click here to download one.



Keepers links

Drummer David scott maintains our link page found here.




If you want to comment on our music, our web site or anything at all please....

Email the keepers14




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